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Magdal and Liebe

Elandsfontein Pet Treats 


Our story starts in the Karoo, on a farm between Beaufort West and Loxton, named Elandsfontein. With a very spoilt little dog, who is an extremely picky eater.


This dog’s name is Liebe, and it is safe to say she has been given the special treatment since she took her first little breath of air, but I will get to that later. Back to Liebe the picky eater. Liebe has the tendency to not want to eat her kibble without it being spiced up in some way.


When we still lived in the Cape Winelands, spicing Liebe’s kibble up was easy. There I would just buy canned food, or raw food from the store, and it was very convenient. There we lived 20 minutes away from the closest store that carries the goods Liebe liked to eat. Now we live 100kms away from a store that carries canned dog food, don’t even try to mention raw mix feed.


Just because our living arrangement changed does not mean Liebe’s eating habits changed, to say the least she has gotten even more finicky. Previously I have “weaned” her off special food and back onto normal kibble, as the canned food has given her itchy skin, but now with the stress of the move and not having access to high quality meal enhancers, I was faced with a challenge.


How do I feed this dog in a way that is both appetizing for her, yet convenient for myself? Needless to say – Elandsfontein Pet Treats was born. 

What is Elandsfontein Pet Treats?
We are a small business that focusses on supplying pet parents of high-quality single ingredient treats, kibble toppers and chews. Elandsfontein Pet Treats Aims to give you the opportunity to enhance your pets daily diet with high quality nutrient dense ingredients. It can be used as treats, kibble toppers or components in a DIY raw diet. 

Made for pet lovers, by a pet lover. 


Meet the Team



Also known as Liebe's personal chef and the founder of Elandsfontein Pet Treats

Magdal is a BscAgric Animal Science graduate from Stellenbosch University. In this course she covered many topics regarding livestock production, including a few modules regarding pet nutrition, but her interest for pet nutrition was spiked long before her studies.


As a little girl, she was frequently be found "cooking" for her dogs outside in her doll house kitchen. The dishes were a lot simpler back then, compared to now. Her two Jack Russel's and Labrador, would frequently enjoy soaked kibble cakes and cookies. The love for spoiling her pets started there.


Now she started her own pet treat range, that gives her the peace of mind that she is giving her pet the best possible treats she can.  Turning the games of a little girl, now the passion of a young lady, into a business. The Elandsfontein Pet Range is still very much in the baby days, and there are many more interesting things to come.


Magdal will be furthering her studies in Canine and Feline Nutrition, ensuring that your pet will always receive the best possible treats, with the needed knowledge from a very passionate animal lover. 

This is only the beginning.


Liebe is the princess of the farm, also known as Quality Control and New Product Development Tester. All Elandsfontein Pet products, after thorough research by Magdal, is sniff and taste tested by Liebe. She ensures that we will have consumer satisfaction by all the pets that will be consuming our products prior to it being introduced to our range.


Liebe has been in the family since her first little breath, well Magdal’s first breath into her. Little Liebe was not breathing at birth, but after some mouth-to-mouth recitation, Liebe started breathing, and has been living the spoiled life since then.


Magdal and Liebe has been inseparable since then.

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